In December of 2014, I received 3 transcripts of letters related to Raymond Christensen from his great-niece, Karen.  Letters like this help current and future generations to better understand the war by seeing it thru the eyes of those who experienced it first hand.  I am so glad that Karen chose to share these letters with me and has provided permission to post them on this site for others to view.

The letters are posted, as links, on a new page called “Letters”.  This page is located under the Night Fighter History menu.  Or, you can just click on this link and head right to it.

I am interested in hearing from others who have letters that they would like to share on this website.  Please get in touch via the contact page!


Jackie (417th Admin)

Hi everyone, I hope you had a good Christmas break and New Year.  I have been away from the 417th site for about 3 months and it’s now time for me to get back to work!  Stay tuned for updates later in the month!

I noticed that a number of people posted comments to photographs and other items.  These comments were in my mailbox, pending approval.  I just got around to approving them.  Sorry for the delay.


(417th Admin)

More photos posted.

I have just finished posting another gallery of 61 photos on the Faces of the 417th page.   Some of them may be duplicates and many of the titles could use more information.  If you can identify anyone in the new photos, please let me know and I will update them.  The new gallery is at the top of the page.  You can still view the older galleries by scrolling down.

I have also added a document containing more photos of the Original 417th squadron.   This document is also located on the Faces of the 417th page.

You probably won’t hear from me again until after the holiday season, at which point I will try to tackle adding photos from other NFS squadrons.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you.

Jackie (417th website Admin)

New Material added – 418th NFS History

Hi readers!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.    As I mentioned early on in the development of this site, I would start with material on my father’s squadron, the 417th and then move on to adding material about other squadrons as time allows.  Today I added the History of the 418th.  To see this document just select 418th NFS History from the Night Fighter History pull down menu at the top,  or just click here.

I’ve also working on several more photos of the 417th that I expect to add later this week.  Stay tuned.

If anyone has histories of other NFS squadrons in digital format (pdf is preferred) and you would like to see it posted on this site, just get in touch with me!

I am also planning to add a page for links to other Night Fighter websites that might exist out there.   If you know of any, just send met the link and I will get it posted.



New photos and videos

Fifty -five new photos have been added to the “Face of the 417th” gallery.   Of particular note is the photo of the original crew for the 417th NFS from October 1943.  Just beautiful!  I liked it so much that I made it the feature photo for the gallery.  If you click on the photo inside the gallery, you will see the names of the men in the photo.  Let me know if I have any typos!

I have also added a the video/slide show that George Hoover of the 425th created.  This is on the “Video Stories from the NFS” page, near the end.

I am busy gathering photos from other Night Fighter Squadrons and will be adding those in the (hopefully) not too distant future.  If you have photos of loved ones or relatives from any of the Night Fighter Squadrons, you can email them to me for posting.  417@fryphone.com.  Photos need to be in JPEG or TIFF format. Please include name(s), squadron number and a location if you have that information.


Jackie (417th Website admin)

More stories added from 2009 Reunion


Two more videos have been loaded onto the site.  They are Bob Bolinder and Raymond Daniel’s stories which were read at the June 2009 NFS Reunion.    The links to the videos have been added to the Photo and Video Galleries Menu under Video Stories from the NFS selection.  Bob and Raymonds’ stories are at the bottom of the list of video stories under the heading of Video stories from the 2009 NFS Reunion.

As a reminder, when you click on the video, you will be brought to the YouTube website where the videos are stored.


Jackie (417th Web Site Admin)


100 additional photos loaded

Sorry to be out of touch for awhile, but wanted to let you all know that I have loaded a 2nd gallery of photos on the Faces of the 417th page.  This page now contains two galleries, each containing a 100 photos of members of the 417th.    To see the new photos, go to the Photo and Video Galleries menu and select Faces of the 417th.  Or, just click on this link.

More photos will be added as I find time.


Jackie (417th Web Site Admin)

Protecting the night in WWII

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